*This is what the carving looks like on top of the stone. Although it doesn't appear clear in the picture, the blue mark indicates what it looks like.

This picture is a close-up view of the top of the HA'AMONGA. The blue mark is a representation of what the carving looks like on the stone. During the coronation year, his majesty King, TAUFA'AHAU TOPOU IV advanced a theory that the stones must have served a greater purpose than the more obvious function as a gateway. This proved the case when closer investigation revealed a secret mark on the lintel stone. On June 21st 1967, at dawn, his majesty was present at this place and it was a thrilling moment when the sun rose at the exact point indicated by his interpretation of the lines etched on the great stone. The mark is reproduced on the ground below the center of the trilith. It is now clear how it was used to determine the seasons in ancient times.

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