The yellow line straight to the sun shows a direct route from the stone to the ocean, which helped prove the theory of the carvings on the top of the stone.

  The HA'AMONGA, located on the eastern side of the island, was built by the King of Tonga named TU'I TATUI in 1212 A.D. It was used as a gateway to the Royal Compound. Standing 16 feet high, 19 feet wide, and weighing over 35 tons, it is located in the village called Niutoua. How they obtained the stones and put them into position is still a mystery to us. What's special about the HA'AMONGA is that not only was it a gateway, but strange carvings are on top of the stone. They reveal to the Tongan people when the shortest and longest day of the year occur. On those two days the sun is centered in the arch of the stone. Details on "Stone Carvings" page.

"Hiva 'a e TO'ANGA SETI"


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