Tongatapu Group

Ha'apai Group

Picture captured from the TV show 20/20 on the ABC network

Tonga is made up of 150 islands, (about 40 are inhabited). They are divided into 3 main groups: Tongatapu,Vava'u and Ha'apai and cover about 140,000 sq. miles. Only 290 sq. miles of which is actual land area. Most of the eastern islands, and the largest island, Tongatapu (approx. 100 sq. miles), consist of coral formations, while the western islands of Tonga are of volcanic origin. The highest point in Tonga is Kao at about 3,380 feet. Tonga's topography is mostly flat.

Recent figures have changed since the information has been posted above. As of 2003, Tonga consists of 169 islands, 36 of those are inhabited, and the population is approximately a little over 100,000.

Aerial view of Pelehake. Photo taken by Heneli Vete

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