Picture captured from the TV show 20/20 on the ABC network

This is how Tonga is preparing for the new millennium. The people are carrying big yams, called 'UFI, which are eaten only for special celebrations. Come join us. There will be a lot of food, we're not going to leave you hungry. If the Y2K millennium bug strikes, and shuts down the power stations, Tonga doesn't have to worry about stoves or microwaves to cook their food. They can go back to cooking their food over fires and in underground ovens. There will be no worries at night either because they can use lamps run by oil from coconuts and their own homemade torches. The people of Tonga can adapt to any situation!

"Halelu'ia ne hiva'i he Siasi Uesiliana 'o Pelehake he 1983"

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