This is an ancient Tongan tradition that is still practiced today. The kava root is placed on a flat volcanic stone and pounded into a fine powder with a small round volcanic stone. A special square of woven mat is placed underneath to catch the ground powder.
Next, the powder is put into a carved wooden kava bowl , water is added, and the powder is squeezed and strained through fibers from the inner bark of the Fau tree.

After being aerated it is ready to serve!
Hu'i Atu He 'Oku Fu'u Taufua

Now the kava is served in coconut shells to the adults. Along with conversation and singing Tongan music, it makes for a very enjoyable time! Kava E Kuo Heka
"Let me try it first, mmmmmm tastes good." Kava is used for social gatherings, and special events. This is a predominantly Polynesian custom. Tau Inu Ai



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